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No pull
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No pull dog harness

If your dog is pulling hard on the leash and you have difficulty walking him you must wonder “What is the best dog harness to stop pulling ?”. Well, a no pull dog harness is probably the best tool to help you deal with your problems. It is also the kind of harness recommended by the provincial law passed in Quebec province march 2020, which requires that any dog weighing more than 20 kg walked in a public place be walked with a harness.

This kind of harness is specially designed to make walking with a leash easier by giving you good control over your dog and limiting its pulling force. However, you must be careful, the use of a no pull dog harness is not a miracle solution and you must obviously train your four-legged friend to behave properly when walking in a harness. The advantage of a harness over a halter is that it is more comfortable and safe for the dog because there is no risk for the neck.

If you are looking to practice dog harness sports, a dog no pull dog harness is definitely not suitable because it is not sufficiently padded and does not offer as much freedom of movement as a dog pulling harness. On the other hand, in the context where you want to do a little "jog" with your dog running beside you without exerting tension in his harness, it is possible to use a no pull dog harness.

Not all no pull dog harness available in on the market are designed the same way. For our no pull dog harness, we opted for a hybrid harness that uses both webbing and padded fabric to offer maximum comfort and stability. In addition, our model is front clip dog harness  - this means that the leash can be attached directly to the front of the dog (at the sternum) in order to have maximum control over its pulling force. Many no pull dog harness on the market only come with a back attachment that offers less control over the dog's pulling force (instead, the dog will seek to simply pull with the harness). This back attachment is not bad in itself (it is available on our harness) but does not offer as much control over the dog as the front clip.

As mentioned previously, our no pull dog harness also comes with a back attachment that can be used in different ways:

  • If your dog pulls really hard and you have difficulty controlling him, it may be recommended to use our multifunctional leash (with two snaps) to attach your dog to the front attachment as well as to the back attachment. You’ll have a perfect control over his traction thanks to the two attachment points;
  • If your dog is already used to walk on leash and you just want to walk him safely with a harness, you can simply attach him to the back strap and let him go about his business such as smelling all the trees and other objects encountered along the way;

Another particularity of our harness is its back handle which is particularly appreciated by owners of more reactive dogs. It allows you to easily control and keep your dog close to you in different situations (ex: at an intersection, if you meet another dog or in a place where there are many pedestrians).

In short, when it's time to walk your dog, our no pull dog harness is the ideal solution to control safely your dog. We strongly suggest that you use it with our multifunctional leash that can be attached around the waist to allow you to walk your dog with hands free.

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