Proudly made in Canada


Nahak is a canadian manufacturing company specialized in the production of innovative and quality gear for active dogs owners.

All our products are proudly made in Canada.

From passion to business

Owners of a pack of nearly twenty dogs, the practice of dog harness sports has been an integral part of our way of life for over ten years now. It is this common passion for dogs, outdoors and nature that led us to found Nahak Sports in 2015 and which propels, year after year, the evolution of our company.

Creating synergy between dog and human

After having managed a dog shelter for many years, we could only see the positive impact that dog harness sports had on the mental and physical health of our rescues. We are convinced that introducing sporting activities with dog in the daily life pushes the dog-human bond to another level and we wish to contribute to this by offering a wide range of safe equipment designed to their needs.

When know-how, performance
and design meet as one

Offering constantly evolving products that are adapted to the needs of canine and human athletes alike is a priority for us. We know that dogs are far from gentle with the gear they use. Therefore, each piece of equipment we develop is the result of a rigorous creative process and a deep knowledge based on a long experience in the canine world.

The company

Visible from Highway 20, our 10,000 square foot production workshop has been located in the municipality of Laurier-Station since June 2017. We are lucky to share the Nahak Sports adventure with a wonderful team now made up of over twenty employees. Our products are available in more than 250 retailers in Quebec in addition to being used all over the world thanks to our online store.

Our values

Our values are an integral part of our company's DNA and influence the decisions we make every day.

Local sourcing

We push the notion of locally made products even further by putting all our energy into sourcing the most local fabrics and hardwares possible. To date, more than half of the raw materials we use are manufactured in Canada and the United States. We are thus reducing our environmental footprint as much as possible and are constantly looking for new suppliers to shorten our supply chain.

Local manufacturing

All our products are made right here in Canada in our production workshop in Laurier-Station, QC. In an industry where the made in China is very present and where several companies simply put their logo on products developed and manufactured in Asia, we are proud to offer products entirely developed, tested and manufactured locally.

Protecting the environment

The environment is at the heart of our concerns and one of the reasons why we prioritize local manufacturing and sourcing of local raw materials. Of course, the actions we have put in place do not stop there : optimization of production to limit waste, no plastic used for the packaging of our products, use of 100% recycled paper for all printing carried out by the company, promoting the purchase of used machinery and equipment are some of the practices we are putting forward to help our planet.

Creation of quality job

By manufacturing locally, we ensure that we have full control over the working conditions and environment in which our employees operate. Providing a stimulating work environment, good work conditions and the opportunity to easily reconcile work and personal life is a priority for us.

An ethical distribution network

Animal welfare is at the heart of our priorities. As a result, our products are available in over 250 retailers and none of these sell dogs or cats (unless they come from a shelter). Puppy mills and feline overpopulation are a sad reality in Quebec province and we do not, in any way, want to partner with companies contributing to these issues.

Rewards won

Since its creation in 2015, Nahak has distinguished itself on several occasions, earning numerous rewards.

Honorary bursary

Ministère de l'Économie et de l'Innovation (MEI)
"Bourse d'honneur visant à encourager de jeunes entrepreneurs (35 ans et moins) ayant fondé une entreprise depuis moins de 5 ans et dont le projet se démarque par son aspect innovant et son potentiel de développement."

Lauréat des bonnes pratiques en RH (Entreprise de 30 employés et moins)

SADC de Lotibnière
"Environnement de travail stimulant et dynamique, responsabilisation des employés, semaine de 4 jours, horaires flexibles, 3 semaines de vacances après 1 an d'ancienneté, assurances collectives et plein de beaux chiens au travail sont quelques unes des pratiques que nous sommes fiers d'appliquer pour notre superbe équipe et qui nous a valu ce prix !"

Prix "Visionnaire" - Gala 20e année "Lancement d'une entreprise"

Entrepreneuriat Québec
"Fort d'un succès remarquable depuis ses débuts en 2015, et ce pour bien des raisons. Un entrepreneur passionné, ayant une attitude exceptionnelle, et un grand souci du détail, autant dans la conception de ses produits que dans l'image véhiculée. Voilà la recette d'un succès d'affaires assuré. Nahak Sports, une entreprise qui a du chien!"
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