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Dog harnesses

It is essential to choose the appropriate dog harness according to the activity you plan to do with your dog. However, with the quantity of dog supplies available on the market, it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start. When comes the time to buy a harness for your dog, it is really important that the harness you choose respects the dog's morphology while providing comfort and freedom of movement adapted to the activity. All our canine equipment are rigorously manufactured. Whether you are looking for a dog pulling harness, a dog racing harness, a sled dog harness or even a no pull dog harness, we have a model suited to your needs and you'll find each model's specificities in this section.

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The canicross belt is a piece of equipment that is worth discovering because it allows you to safely practice various outdoor activities with your dog while hands-free. This helps prevent back pain and lets you walk your dog comfortably without having to deal with the leash since your dog is directly connected to the belt via a bungee line that absorbs shocks. Although the term canicross belt refers to a specific discipline, our two models can be used simply for walking, hiking or even snowshoeing and skiing in winter. The belt makes it possible to distribute the dog's force of traction at the buttock rather than the lower back in order to offer good control on the dog's pulling force. Our two models are extremely comfortable yet offer a rather different design which must be taken into account during your shopping.

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Bungee lines

The bungee line is crucial piece of equipment if you wish to make your debut in the universe of dog harness sports. This gear connects is attached to your canicross belt on one end and to your dog's harness on the other. Its two main functions are comfort and safety. Indeed, no matter the discipline you wish to practice, the bungee line will absorb the impacts between you and your dog. You will thus be brought to use it as much in cani-hiking, cani-walking, canicross as well as in skijoring and bikejoring. It is however important to be careful, as several models of bungee leashes are available on the dog supplies market, but those are frequently too elastic and not very resistant. Our two bungee line models are specifically designed for dog harness sports and will offer maximum safety to you and your dogs regardless of its pulling strenght.

Dog collars

Although it is a product which abounds on the market of dog supplies, Nahak has distinguished itself by offering three dog collar models that offer unique functionalities. Available in a vast choice of colors, their quality has proven its worth. Indeed, they were initially developed for dog harness sports, where resistance and durability are of primary importance. Obviously, their use is not limited to sports and they will be just as suitable if you are looking for a collar that will accompany your dog on its adventures during many years.

Dog leash

Faithful to our vision, our three models of dog leashes are manufactured to be extremely resistant and durable. Whether in terms of the selected materials or the assembly, our leashes are manufactured to let you walk your dog safely. Each one of our three models is different and offers various functionalities. In addition, you will have the choice between 7 different colors, which will definitively allow you to have stand out.

Dog boots

If your dog is active, it is crucial to protect its paws from abrasion or the cold. It is not necessarily a dog supplie which we instinctively think of, but the use of boots (also called "dog booties" or "dog shoes") can prevent paw wounds in addition to making it possible for your dog to fully enjoy its outdoor activities. Although they can be used inside the house, when going for a walk or even when free running, our two models of dog boots were initially developed for dog harness sports. Our priority is therefore to offer boots that allow the dog to run as naturally as possible when wearing them, and that ensure great hold on the paws.

PIGMA Collection

CUSTOMIZE the colors of your favorite Nahak product with the PIGMA collection and DISPLAY the result in real time with our interactive PIGMA creator tool. Once you have found your favorite color scheme, your order will be CUSTOM MADE in our workshop !

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