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While the name references running with your dog, the canicross belt, or canicross harness, has multiple uses! This is why it is often called a traction (or pulling) belt.In reality, it can be used for many different outdoor activities such as; walking, running, hiking, cross-country skiing, or even snowshoeing. The canicross belt and leash set allows you to have your hands free throughout your favorite activities. The canicross leash is most often called the bungee line since it has an elastic section which protects your joints as well as your canine companion as it reduces the impact on your body. You can learn more about the different bungee line models and accessories in our article on this product.

Unlike a simple leash attached to the waist, the traction belt is much more comfortable and helps prevent lower back pain. However, not all canicross belts offer enough support through the pelvis while additionally lack stability for practicing sporting activities. Nothing is more unpleasant than a belt that rides up your back or twists during your activities!

Nahak belts are designed with a cushioned and honeycombed fabric which ensures distribution of the dog's power across the pelvis while remaining lightweight and breathable. They are offered in three sizes, small, medium and large with adjustable straps at the thighs and waist allowing an optimal fit to your body, increasing the stability of the canicross belt. They can be used for canicross, cani-hiking, walking with your dog, skijoring or even snowshoeing in winter!

Our two belt models are just as durable as each other, but offer different designs, which makes them unique.

  •  The multifunction walking belt is the perfect mix between a single traction canicross belt and a walking belt. Thanks to its removable thigh and traction or pulling straps, you can practice traction sports such as cani-hiking, canicross and skijoring or even take a simple walk while having your hands free and maintaining optimal comfort.
  • The The hybrid traction belt is ideal for those who have a dog that pulls hard! Its unique design allows you to choose the desired traction mode in seconds. The double traction mode distributes the traction force over the entire pelvis and thus offers maximum comfort regardless of the strength of your dog, particularly appreciated when cani-hiking. Alternatively, you can configure your belt in simple bottom pull mode to eliminate any tension in the lower back, a very effective mode for canicross.

In order to be comfortable in a traction or pulling belt,it is important to adjust it correctly. It should be worn relatively low at the level of the pelvis to avoid tension on the lower back. The main strap should therefore be at the height of the iliac crest. This strap acts a bit like a pants belt. It needs to be well adjusted to your size to prevent it from falling during your run. Additionally, the thigh straps stabilize the canicross belt so that it does not ride up your back or rotate during the race. They must be tight enough that the belt stays in place.

Whether it is the multifunction walking belt or the hybrid traction belt, you can choose from five fabric colors: black, blue, red, pink and aqua in order to personalize it to your tastes, with the exception of the large size which is only offered in black. 

The two belt models can be outfitted to your needs thanks to our optional accessories! The removable bottle holder allows you to carry a little water for you or your dog when you go out. The removable pouch, for its part, is perfect for carrying your keys, your cell phone, a bag to collect your dog's gifts or any other small object. The removable accessories can be added or removed using a simple and secure velcro system. Each belt model offers two spaces to mix and match the accessories of your choice.

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