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Bikejoring is an activity that is gaining popularity in the world of dog sports. Still in a pulling context, the basics are quite simple : the dog, equipped with a dog pulling harness, pulls at the front of the bike to which it is connected via a bungee cord attached to the bike stem.

More extreme than canicross, bikejoring requires experience on the human's part but also of the dog because the speed is considerably higher. The dog-human duo must therefore already have a good background in harness dog sports. The dog must be able to stay well concentrated in the harness (beware of squirrels) and the human sufficiently comfortable on a bike to be able to manage the additional pulling strenght of a dog. Like skijoring, this is not the ideal activity to introduce a dog to pulling sports because you have less control and the bike can be intimidating for dogs.

That being said, bikejoring is definitely a thrill-packed activity that is great for burning off a dog with a high energy level. It is also a good opportunity to build the dog's muscle mass by alternating periods of full speed with periods where you hold the brakes down to create resistance and make the dog use its strength. During the first training sessions, it is suggested to opt for a single track (narrow and without forks).

How to start bikejoring ? Well, you'll want a bike with disc brakes (standard on most mountain bikes). Indeed, these are the most effective and durable to manage a pulling dog. Urban or hybrid bikes with v-brakes are not suitable for this type of activity and you risk getting through brakes in a single ride if you have a hard pulling dog. In addition, if you want to practice bikejoring in winding dirt tracks, a good suspension will be required for maximum comfort and handling. Apart from the bike and, of course, a helmet, the gear required for joring with your dog is quite simple:

  • Dog pulling harness : you'll need a good pulling harness that offers the dog great freedom of movement and is well padded for maximum comfort. Our dog pulling harness is perfect for bikejoring;
  • Bungee line : it's important to absorb the impacts when your dog pulls. In bikejoring, its primary role is to protect your dog, but it also affects the bike's handling. Although our multisports bungee line (with the addition of a bungee line extension for a safer distance between the bike and your dog) can be used for this activity, the bikejoring bungee line is specially designed for...bikejoring ! Indeed, its elasticity makes it possible to absorb the slightest nuances of speed between you and your dog in addition to offering an optimal weight distribution to prevent oscillation at high speed. The bungee line should ideally be fixed with a simple buckle at stem level, just below the handlebars;

If you're a thrill-seeker and your dog has energy to spare, you owe it to yourself to try bikejoring !

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