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Dog pulling harness

“Which dog harness is the best for pulling sports ?” is probably the question which comes up the most often from customers looking for a dog pulling harness. Several dog harnesses are available on the market, but very few are suitable for pulling. In fact, a good pulling harness must absolutely offer maximum freedom of movements to the dog by releasing several critical points of its body, in addition to being sufficiently padded to make it possible for the dog to pull comfortably over long trainings. These criteria are the foundation of the development of each of our pulling harnesses. In this section, we will see in detail what makes a good pulling harness and how to choose it well among our available models.

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Dog Running Harness

Running with your dog pulling ahead is a discipline that is becoming increasingly more popular, and is also called canicross. In a context where your dog is in front of you and pulls you with its harness, the best canicross harness will have to respect several points. However, are the constraints and context of use the same as for the majority of other dog harness sports disciplines ? Will the size of your four-legged athlete require a small dog harness or a harness for large dog ? Here, we will help you to find the perfect fit harness !

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No pull dog harness

When it comes to buying a no pull dog harness, the points to be considered when choosing the right dog harness are not the same as those we would consider when choosing a pulling harness as the dog will essentially remain by your side. Hence, you will need a safe harness that provides excellent control of your dog. Although the design of a no pull dog harness is radically different from a dog pulling harness, it must still provide the dog with good freedom of movement and, of course, it must be comfortable. The main purpose of this harness is to make the walks more enjoyable for you and for your dog.

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Front clip dog harness

There are several models of no pull dog harness on the market, but not all of them have a front clip and will offer a great experience to you and your dog. When we developed our dog harness destined for walking, we opted for the front clip option because it offers many advantages. When it comes to learn your dog to walk on leash and control his pulling strength, it is definitely an asset to have a front clip, especially if your dog pulls very hard.

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