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Front clip
dog harness

Front clip dog harness

Does your dog pull hard when you walk with him and have you started looking for the ideal equipment to facilitate your walks with him ?

You've probably come across a plethora of options such as the halter and the choke collar (which we definitely don't recommend), but your research process has made you realize that a front clip dog harness could be an interesting solution. This is a good choice since a harness provides a good grip on the dog's body and does not present the risk of neck injuries from choke and halter collars (when improperly used).

Of course, nothing is ever easy and you will quickly see that there are a lot of models of no pull dog harness. At this point, no longer knowing what is best for you and your dog is completely understandable and we will do our best to guide you in your choice.

There are several things to consider when it comes to shopping for this type of harness. Ideally, you want a harness that provides good control over your dog's pulling force by design while still being safe and comfortable for him.

front clip dog harness

A design frequently found on the market is the front clip dog harness. Its principle is quite simple, your leash attaches to a ring attached to a front strap resting in front of the dog's shoulders. Therefore, when your dog pulls, this strap naturally limits his pulling force. However, care must be taken because, although the design of a front clip dog harness can be effective and safe, several manufacturers do not take the dog's morphology into consideration and use frontal straps which are either too wide, or which rest too low on the dog's shoulders. This type of design can be damaging in the long run for the dog.

Many articles circulated on social networks on this subject in the last years in order to warn the owners of dogs about the use of an front clip dog harness. While these articles are well intentioned and based on a real issue, they tend to generalize and put all harnesses in the same basket. In addition, they also partly targeted the use of this type of harness for pulling sports (which is obviously not recommended because for this type of activity you need a dog pulling harness).

Our no pull dog harness uses the front clip design but we have adapted it to respect the dog's body shape to ensure the dog is comfortable and secure (it’s also a good front clip harness for small dogs). Our harness is characterized by :

  • Narrow front strap : the width of the strap of our front clip dog harness is only 1”. This ensures the area where the strap rests is very limited, unlike some models available on the market which use straps over 2” wide. By limiting the width of the strap, we make sure that the dog's shoulders are as free as possible.
  • Front strap which rests higher on the shoulders : far too many front clip dog harnesses are designed with a strap that rests directly on the middle of the shoulders, where there is maximum range of motion. This type of design limits the dog's mobility too much and can lead to a change in his gait, which can be problematic. The strap of our harness rests on the upper part of the shoulders where movement is minimal in order to provide maximum freedom of movement.
  • Front strap with sliding mechanism : unlike several front clip dog harness for dogs which have a fixed ring at the front, our model is equipped with a sliding front strap which adapts to the orientation and your dog's pulling force. This has a major impact on the harness' stability on the dog and prevents the harness from rotating and no longer working as it should.

In short, as you can see there are a ton of factors to consider and not all no pull dog harness are adequats but our padded front clip dog harness will definitely be a great choice for you and your dog !

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