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Dog pulling harness

Before starting, it's important to understand what "traction" means, since the entire design of the dog pulling harness is based on this principle. This will help you determine if this kind of harness is really what your dog needs. Traction is when the dog is in the front and pulls a load (you, a sled, a child in a sled, etc.) by applying a pulling force on the bungee line to which it is attached. If you want your dog to simply be in a harness at your side without pulling anything, it's best to go for a no pull dog harness because the dog pulling harness is not suited for this kind of use. no pull dog harness because the dog pulling harness is not suited for this kind of use.

That being said, if you're looking for a dog harness for pulling sports the dog pulling harness is perfectly suited for this kind of activities. Regarding the sled dog pulling harness, it must meet a few more specific criteria that we cover in details in the dog sled harness section. Regarding the sled dog pulling harness, it must meet a few more specific criteria that we cover in details in the dog sled harness section.

In traction, your dog's strength is transferred through the harness. It is therefore essential that it offers a great freedom of movement to the dog by respecting the following points :

  • Clear the neck area so it doesn't affect the dog's breathing;
  • Free the shoulders and back thighs that are in motion when the dog is pulling;
  • Avoid creating pressure on the flanks (where organs are) when the dog is pulling;

Furthermore, it's important that the dog pulling harness is padded to :

  • Offer maximum comfort;
  • Absorb the pressure exerted by the harness on the dog's body;
  • Limit the risk of irritation from direct contact with the webbing;

These criteria were applied in the design of our dog pulling harness.

Deux modèles sont disponibles chez Nahak :

  1. The dog pulling harness which is a dog pulling harness for large dog (30 lbs and more)
  2. The small dogs harness (under 30 lbs)

A bit like a running shoe, a dog pulling harness is not adjustable, so it is very important to choose the right fit. If your dog is still growing, it's best to wait until the end of the dog's growth to make sure you choose the right size. Another aspect to consider is that the joints of the growing dog are still developing. The practice of dog harness sports is therefore not recommended before 12 months (may vary depending on the breed of the dog) since the impacts on your dog's joints while he runs can affect its growth. Of course, it is still possible to start before the end of growth by doing very short and low-intensity trainings (as discussed in canicross page). The aim is to get the dog used to wear a harness and associtate it to something positive. canicross). The objective is to accustom the dog to the use of the harness (mental training rather than physical ).

Although not adjustable, our dog pulling harness is available in over16 different sizes (dog from 30 to 160 lbs) and is offered in 6 different colors. This product is also available in the PIGMA collection, which allows you to fully customize the color of different parts of the harness to create a unique product for your dog. The adjustable harness for small dog is only available in black and comes in 6 different sizes (8 to 30 lbs). This model is adjustable for the chest circumference.

In general, our dog pulling harnesses are used with a bungee line and a canicross belt. This trio is a "classic" of harness dog sports as it allows the practice of several disciplines such as cani-walking, cani-hiking, the skijoring or even cani-showshoeing. Of course, in bikejoring, the canicross belt will not be used. Once equipped with Nahak Sports, you can be sure that your dog is wearing the best on the market in terms of dog pulling harness.

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