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Cani-hiking/canicross kit2 small dogs

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Small dogs harness

This harness is the perfect hybrid between our no pull harness and ou pulling harness. As a result, it is suitable for walking, hiking and jogging.


Multifunctional walking Belt

The perfect walking belt for a walk in town or for a canicross on the trail!


Multisport bungee line

A reliable and multipurpose bungee line for dog harness sports.

1/2" (chien de moins de 40 lbs)
5/8" (chien de plus de 40 lbs)

Bungee line splitter

Add a splitter to your multisport bungee line to facilitate harnessing two dogs side by side at an ideal distance (1m20) for canicross or cani-hiking!

1/2" (chien de moins de 40 lbs)
5/8" (chien de plus de 40 lbs)


A neckline allows you to connect the collars of 2 dogs running in harness side by side to facilitates the streamlining of your team as they run together.

To pratice 2-dogs cani-hike and canicross you will need a small dogs harness for each of your dogs and a multifonction walking belt for you. In order to connect you to your two dogs, the multisport bungee line will need to be combined with the bungee line separator. Ultimately you will have a bungee line which starts from your belt and which splits in two after the elastic section to reach each of the dogs while maintaining the recommended distance of 1.25m.

Please note, the separator can only be paired with our new multisport bungee line that is equipped with a padded handle. If you have our old model of multisport bungee line or if you want your dogs to be a little further away from you, it is also possible to accomplish this using the bungee line extension. You would then need 2 extensions which will act as a separator once attached to the end of the multisport bungee line. In this case your dogs will be 2m away from you.

Regardless, if you use the separator or if you choose 2 extensions, you will need a neck line to ensure that your two dogs stay side by side. 

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