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Multisport bungee line

A reliable and multipurpose bungee line for dog harness sports.

A bungee line is essential protection from the impact of harness dog sports on both your body and your dog’s. Versatile, the multisport bungee line can be used in cani-walking, cani-hiking, canicross, bikejoring or skijoring.

Features : 

  • Elastic section adapted to the practice of harness dog sports with a protective cover;
  • Extension limiter (500 lbs) inside the protective cover;
  • Included are aluminium carabiner 1500 lbs to connect your single or double traction belt ring along with a brass snap to connect your dog’s harness;
  • Munie d'une poignée rembourrée afin de faciliter sa manipulation lorsque vous désirez rapprocher ou retenir votre chien
  • As part of a fully modular system, harnessing 1 or 2 dogs at the desired length become possible;

If you want to practice bikejoring or skijoring, a bungee line extension est nécessaire afin d’avoir une distance plus sécuritaire entre vous et votre chien (2 mètres). Il vous est aussi possible d’atteler deux chiens côte à côte en installant 2 séparateurs pour ligne bungee ainsi qu'une neckline to connect their collars allows you to attach two dogs side by side while streamlining your team for safety.

Materials : 

  • High quality 16 strands polyethylene rope (750 lbs);
  • Protective cover made of a waterproof nylon fabric;
  • Brass snap;

Dimension :

  • Measures 1.25 m (regulatory length according to the Association des Mushers et athlètes canins du Québec (MACQ)).

** Do not use with more than 2 dogs **

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