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No pulling harness

Because a good-fitting harness is essential to ensure comfort and security to your dog.

Sizes Torso(C-C) Weight
S 20'' max 10-20 lb
M 25'' max 20-40 lb
L 30'' max 40-60 lb
XL 35'' max 60-80 lb
XXL 40'' max 80-100 lb


We higly recommend using a flexible measuring tape as shown on the picture. While measuring your dog, make sure he stands up with a straight back. If your dog have a thick fur put pressure on the measuring tape to avoid overestimated measurements.

Mesure C-C

POINT C is at the lowest point of the dog’s rib cage and just behind the front legs.

CC MEASUREMENT is for the torso. It does a full circumference of the dog rib cage passing through POINT C.

Feel free to contact us if you don’t know what would be the right harness size for your dog. We'll be happy to help !
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