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Traîneau à chiens SIGMA 4.0

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Ideal model for 2 to 4 dogs teams. Our SIGMA sled offers an exceptional handling thanks to a rotation system that allows the runners to rotate on their entire length. Can be easily folded (without having to remove any hardwares) for easy transportation. Runners are on a rail system (can be easily replaced when worn). Can be fully customized with various options.

The basic model includes a brake and a carabiner to attach the gangline.

Options :

- Drag mat: The drag mat slows the sled down more gently and gradually than the brake. It can be used with the brake to bring the sled to a complete stop. It has a lift system when you don't need it.
- Snow hook support : The snow hook support allow to fix the snow hook on the kicksled


Weight: 21 lbs
Dimensions: 70"3/4 (L) - 20" 1/8 (W) - 37" (H)
Folded height: 9"3/4

Materials :

- aluminum structure
- stainless steel hardware
- plastic bottom (30 lbs maximum load)
- lisses amovibles
- padded handle with UHMW core

* Representative photo to illustrate all available options

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