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Multisports bungee line | PIGMA

Create your dream bungee line with our PIGMA collection and its unique colors!

A multisports bungee line provides essential protection from the impact of harness dog sports for both your body and your dog’s. Versatile, the multisport bungee line can be used in caniwalking, canihiking, canicross, bikejoring or skijoring. Depending on the accessories you add, you can attach up to 2 dogs.

Features : 

  • Elastic component adapted specifically for the practice of harness dog sports with a protective cover;
  • Extension limiter (500 lb) inside the protective cover;
  • Included are an aluminum carabiner (1500 lb) to connect your single or double traction belt ring along with a brass snap to connect your dog’s harness ;
  • Equipped with a padded handle to facilitate with ease reeling in or holding your dog close if necessary;
  • Fully modular thanks to our line splitter and our line extension, you can attach 1 or 2 dogs at the desired distance.

If you want to practice bikejoring or skijoring, a bungee line extension is necessary in order to have a safer distance between you and your dog (2 meters). It is also possible to harness two dogs side by side by installing a bungee line splitter and a neckline to connect their collars allows you to attach two dogs side by side while streamlining your team for safety.

Materials : 

  • High quality 16 strand polyethylene rope with a diameter of 1/4'' (resistance of 750 lb);
  • Protective cover made of a waterproof nylon fabric;
  • Aluminium carabiner and brass snap.

Dimension :

  • Measures 49'' (1,20m) .

** Do not use with more than 2 dogs **

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