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Dog sled bungee

The perfect bungee to absorb shocks and protect your dogs when kicksledding or dogsledding!

The use of a bungee in your equipment set up when practicing harness dog sports will protect the joints of the harnessed dog(s) by greatly reducing the impact experienced by their bodies. The pulling dynamics in kicksled and dog sledding are radically different from other harness sports. Therefore, the bungee must offer enough elasticity to absorb shock but be rigid enough to not be in constant elongation which creates a loss of energy when your dog or dogs pull.

Features :

  • Elasticity suitable for kicksledding and dog sledding;
  • Modular design allowing full customization to choose between a gangline or a tugline.

Materials :

  • Made from extremely strong 1/2" diameter 16-strand polyethylene rope (1 500lb resistance);
  • Military grade elastic section;
  • Durable protective cover.

** Do not harness more than 6 dogs **

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