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Dog boot | Snowy surface

Des bottes idéales pour protéger les pattes de vos chiens l'hiver et avec une tenue exceptionnelle dans la poudreuse!


Used by thousands of 4-legged athletes, our dog boots for snow have become popular thanks to their durability, ability to stay put on your dog’s feet, and exceptional value for the price. They are ideal for protecting your dog's paws from abrasions and snowballs between their toes in addition to acting as a protective barrier against the cold.

Features :

  • Elastic velcro fastening system is extremely reliable you can have confidence they will stay on your dog’s feet;
  • Design allows your dog's paws to have a good grip of the snow ensuring they won’t slip, considerably safer than other models on the market;
  • Lightweight and durable;
  • Perfect for snowy surfaces;

Materials :

  • Nylon fabric custom made to our needs;
  • Velstretch & Velcro

Sizes :

Select a size that is around 1" wider than your dog's paw at its widest (in the paw pads area) :

  • XS (yellow velcro) : 2"3/4 (Width) x 4"1/2 (Height)
  • S (white velcro) : 3" (Width) x 4"3/4 (Height)
  • M (velcro vert) : 3"1/4 (Largeur) x 5"1/4 (Hauteur)
  • L (black velcro) : 3"1/2 (Width) x 5"3/4 (Height)
  • XL (blue velcro) : 4"1/2 (Width) x 7" (Height)

** A good trim of your dog's claws is essential before using the boots to avoid premature wear and tear **

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