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Dog boot | Dirt surface


These boots are made a fabric considerably thicker than the fabric used for our dog boots - snow which makes them highly resistant to abrasion. These dog boots are designed for activity on dryland or other abrasive surfaces (dirt, crusher dust, gravel roads etc). They can also be used on winter sidewalks to protect your dog's paws from salt.

Features :

  • Elastic velcro fastening system is extremely reliable you can have confidence they will stay on your dog’s feet;
  • Design allows your dog's paws to have a good grip of the snow ensuring they won’t slip, considerably safer than other models on the market;
  • Lightweight and durable;

Materials :

  • Cordura 1000D;
  • Velstretch & Velcro;

Sizes :

Select a size that is around 1" wider than your dog's paw at its widest (in the paw pads area) :

  • XS (yellow velcro) : 2"3/4 (Width) x 4"1/2 (Height)
  • S (white velcro) : 3" (Width) x 4"3/4 (Height)
  • M (velcro vert) : 3"1/4 (Largeur) x 5"1/4 (Hauteur)
  • L (black velcro) : 3"1/2 (Width) x 5"3/4 (Height)
  • XL (blue velcro) : 4"1/2 (Width) x 7" (Height)

** A good trim of your dog's claws is essential before using the boots to avoid premature wear and tear **

** These boots are not suited for harness dog sports on snow. Due to the thickness of the fabric the dog's paws won't have enough grip in the snow and can therefore the dog can slip and get injured **

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