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Bikejoring bungee line | PIGMA

Create your dream bungee line with our PIGMA collection and its unique colors!

Product details

This bungee line was designed especially for bikejoring. It was created for the experienced athlete with a consistent and fast dog.


  • Longer elastic bungee section than our multisports bungee line allowing for an absorption of force as it responds to the slightest shift of speed between you and your dog for maximum performance;
  • Elasticity that decreases potential energy loss between the human and dog(s) in high speed or tight turns;
  • In motion, the design of this bungee limits the oscillation of the line;
  • Elastic section is covered with a waterproof protective cover;
  • Extension limiter (500 lb) inside the protective cover.

Adding a second bungee line extension and a neckline to connect their collars allows you to attach two dogs side by side while streamlining your team for safety.


  • High quality 16 strand polyethylene rope with a diameter of 1/4'' (resistance of 750 lb);
  • Protective cover made of a waterproof nylon fabric;
  • Brass snap.


  • Longueur : 78'' 3/4 (2 mètres) soit la longueur parfaire pour le bikejoring (vient automatiquement avec une rallonge pour ligne bungee)

** Do not use with more than 2 dogs **

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